Prompt O’ Ween 2022

Prompt O' Ween 2022

Day 19. That’s as far as I made it through Prompt O’ Ween 2022. Booooooo!

Normally I would just power through and finish up that last little but late, but this year was just too dang busy. Honestly overall it’s been hard to keep up with regular stuff. Throwing a daily challenge on top of it all *might* not have been the best idea…

These were the Prompt O’ Ween 2022 prompts:

Prompt O' Ween 2022

Out of the 19 I got done (plus one that my son did <3), I think most of them turned out pretty good! There were a couple of clunkers, but definitely a few that pretty much *have* to be prints.

Want to see prompts in action? All the time lapses are here!