I debated what to do here for a while. Should I post everything I doodle, sketch, and dump on paper? Should it just be a few things here and there? I’ve come to find that I like including my mistakes because not many artists show their less successful side – at least not regularly. Some of my sketchbook stuff is pretty regularly awful. 🙂

There’s a lot of talk about developing a personal brand. I’m still figuring that part out, but there’s one thing I know for sure – it’s going to include the good and the bad. Maybe this site should have a WTF page. Or a WTF drawing of the week or month or something. And then a “I’m super proud of this one, now show me yours!” page. Art is a community after all. It’s not a bunch of perfect-looking paintings hanging in a gallery. As ugly as the internet is sometimes, it’s allowed artists to share their work more than ever before, and there’s a lot of beautiful work going around.

What were we talking about?

The sketchbook page. Stuff is going up here soon. Be ready for some giggles. It’s going to be unfiltered. 🙂

Maybe giggles isn’t the right word. Going back through things, taking the pics, and putting them up here made me think cringe is the more appropriate word! It doesn’t matter. I said no filters and I meant it! 

For now, here’s a Keep enjoying this grump lady I inked a while back:

sketch ink drawing sketchbook


Anime and Manga Characters

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Inktober and Drawlloween 2018

This year was MUCH better!


Inktober and Drawlloween 2018  Sketchbook Pages

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Inktober and Drawlloween 2017

**Update: After getting started on 2018 I realized how bad some of these are. I mean, I already knew it wasn’t all roses, but geez – no wonder I didn’t want to post any of it last year! Sorry! (tee hee!)


Inktober/Drawlloween 2017 Sketchbook Pages (OMG Embarrassing!!)

**Side note: there are a couple of pages that I doodled on after the fact. It didn’t make them better. 😀


Doodles and FAILS!!

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Videos of sketches done on the iSKN Slate 2+