I’ve been making fluid art¬†paintings for about a year now. I enjoy it, but I’m in this weird place where I want to keep doing it, but I also want to sit and really paint something. I’m not trying to invalidate fluid art in any way – it’s simply different than sitting down and painting a portrait or a landscape. So I want to “sit and paint” or stand and paint or do jumping jacks and paint, but I’m stuck on WHAT to paint. Drawing is one thing – start with some squiggles or shapes on an uninspired day and it very well could turn into something. I supposed you could do that with painting, but I like to go into it with a plan. Funny, because I rarely think about it too much when I pour a painting, which is probably why I mess them up so much.

Anyhoooo…. there’s something in the in between that I’m working towards in some sort of organic way. Don’t ask me what that means, because I sure as hell don’t know. But it sounded good, right? (Side note: I used to work with a guy who is one of the funniest people I ever met. He could BS anybody with a big smile on his face and afterwards that’s what he would say – “Sounded good, right?” By the way, hi Jim!)

I’m going to keep making fluid art, but it’s going to transition into something else. You’ll see it in the videos and here on the site, too. I know the site is more promises than art right now, but I hope you’ll hang in there and take the journey with me.

That was a cheesy ending, wasn’t it? Sorry about that! (But I really mean it <3)