I Bought Fake Body Kun (AGAIN)

wood mannekins dog penguin

I bought another set of fake Body Kun and Body Chan figures – but this time it was on purpose! Since we’re a few years removed from The Great Body Kun Tragedy, I thought that maybe the knock-offs have gotten better. They’re certainly more abundant! So I picked up a set of fake figures and even made sure they had some decent reviews on them. I also ordered a Ken Sugimori edition of a legit Body Kun and busted out the old Body Chan and Figma Archetypes!

How Did the Fake Body Kun Stack Up?

I’m finally getting back into streaming sort of regularly again, so what better way to have some fun than to stream the unboxing? For all the answers you’ve been looking for, here are the highlights!

There were body parts EVERYWHERE

If you want to see the full, unedited version, the stream is right here!

What About the Classics?

I still have my trusty old classic references, too – except the dog. Gosh I miss that weird little dog.

wood mannekins dog penguin fake body kun
RIP Weird Little Glass Dog