It’s 2020! WTF Happened??

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Seriously, what the actual fuck? I’m not going to list all of the WTF things that have happened so far this year. I’m also not going to make some silly “it can’t get any worse”-type statement. Let’s be real, that’s just asking for (more) trouble. What I am going to do apologize for largely neglecting my site for most of this year because I know that for the 2 or 3 people reading (I’m being optimistic) it’s nowhere near the worst thing that ever happened (probably not even in a good year lol).

Anyway, I’m sorry. I wish my website was the only thing that was fucked this year. Let’s take a moment to share a virtual hug. *BIG SQUEEZE* Seriously, I hope you are ok.

WTF doesn’t necessarily have to be bad though. There have been some good WTF moments. I got to see my son suddenly start riding his bike after struggling with his balance for the last few years. We finally went on our first bike ride together! Our neurotic little birds (we have parakeets now) sorta became friendly almost overnight. Who doesn’t love treats? I’ve learned all kinds of new digital art tricks, but those were more like “holy shit I didn’t know it did that” moments.

Think about it. I’m sure you’ve some good ones in there, whether small or big.

Then there have been those mixed bags. Moments where I sat in a fog, feeling like I was crying, but maybe I wasn’t, and two little arms reached out and hugged me because right now all we have is each other. It was a “WTF am I even feeling right now” moment. There’s been a lot of those for many of us. So much is coming from all directions all the time.

And there are a lot of different directions to take this post. I’ve rewritten this paragraph at least ten times because this is not what I intended this to be about. (Who needs planning??) So I’m going to leave with this – I hope you are ok. Really. And if you aren’t ok, please reach out. Behind all the shit, there’s a community of people rallying together and there are more than a few that want to help, even if it’s just to listen. You are important. You matter. You are loved.