Endometriosis Surgery: It’s a Date!

Getting a Date

Not too long after my last post I finally got a surgery date. I called my doctor’s office on the following Monday as I walked in the house with the mail, but after being on hold for a while I just left a message. Then I opened the mail and there it was – a letter from the hospital! It came with a bunch of forms to fill out and listed an appointment for a “pre-admission interview” over the phone. Yay! After reading through the papers several times, I realized there was no actual surgery date or even anything about a pre-op appointment. Booooooo!

So I did the next logical thing and called my mommy because moms always know what to say – or at least they can be pretty good at faking it. She pointed out that surgery would have to be pretty soon after that interview phone call since they’re usually scheduled within 30 days. Cool! So I followed the instructions on the letter and pre-registered for my pre-admission phone interview that was about a week later. 

The next day I was in my boss’s office giving him the heads up that my surgery was imminent and complaining that I hadn’t heard back from the doctor’s office yet when my phone rang. It was a nurse from the doctor’s office! How did they know?? Ok, I know they didn’t know. I can’t even really call it a coincidence because I was crabbing about not hearing from the doctor all day. 

The nurse said I should have gotten a letter with my information. I said I got a letter, but it didn’t have my dates on it. Then she told me I was supposed to get another letter and commented that they always seem to be slow sending them out. So she gave me my dates and I said I would look out for my letter. Sweet!

My pre-op appointment was scheduled for the week after my pre-admission interview and surgery was scheduled one week after that. My brain immediately went into overdrive and I started making lists. There was a list of stuff that needed to be done around the house. There was a list of stuff that I needed to get at the store. I made a list of stuff to bring to the hospital and a list of stuff to pack in a “just in case” overnight bag. When I ran out of things to put on my lists I Googled for more stuff to put on my lists. Then I realized how out of control my lists were and revised my lists to something more practical, but still barely insane enough to cover all the things that seemed likely to happen. (I’m a contingency planner by nature and we all know that the zombie apocalypse is most likely to happen while in the hospital.)

Getting Ready

The pre-admission interview was just to tell the nurse (who represents the hospital) about my medical history, prior surgeries, medications, and all that fun stuff. It went pretty quick since I didn’t have much to report. I was a little nervous because I had a cold and there was no hiding how cruddy I sounded. If you’re sick, they could cancel surgery and I definitely didn’t want that to happen. I told the nurse that I was getting over it and she said she wouldn’t report it since I was getting better and surgery was two weeks away. She did make it clear that I needed to call if it came back or got worse. 

Then came the bad news. It’s tough enough that my surgery is at 3:15 (seriously always get a morning time if you have a choice) because fasting starts at midnight and having surgery that late in the day means it will most likely be delayed. I figured I could at least drink water in the morning which makes the longer fast not so bad. Nope. Not the case according to this nurse. No water. All day. Every time I think about it I instantly get thirsty. 

My pre-op appointment was a few days ago and was just as easy. Doc reviewed the procedure with me and went over the complications again. He asked me if I had any questions and there was only one – can I REALLY not drink water ALL DAY?? He asked me what time I’m supposed to be at the hospital – which is 12:15 – and then promised that once I get there they will give me an IV with lots of fluids so that I don’t waste away. Did I mention this doctor has a sense of humor? It actually was pretty funny. The delivery was solid. Then he saw that the procedure isn’t until 3:15 and said I could have a little water in the morning. Yay!

The Home Stretch

The last couple of days have been all about getting those lists done. The house is clean, the shopping is done, and the laundry is… a work in progress. Surgery isn’t until Friday. My kid keeps saying he doesn’t want me to go because he doesn’t want them to hurt me. As much as I try to talk about it to ease his (and my) nerves, the closer it gets the more he doesn’t want to leave my side. To cheer him and give myself something to do that doesn’t involve a list I decided to do a drawing for a present. He likes to color in my line drawings, so I asked him what he wanted. Today I started a sketch of Genos from One Punch Man, which will go nicely with the Saitama drawing I did for him last time! 

The next fews days are probably going to go by soooooo slow. That’s okay though. The big stuff is all taken care of and this week can be all about spending time with my family. There’s that pesky voice in the back of my head throwing “what ifs” at me – all those negative outcomes that are entirely possible, however unlikely. The best way I can think to beat those thoughts is to fill up on love, stay positive, and look forward to getting some answers.

I’ll be sure to post an update as soon as I can after surgery! Thanks for reading! Until next time!

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