Getting Started

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Getting started – it’s tough isn’t it? Maybe it’s not the getting started part that’s hard, but getting the start that you want. I had a whole plan for the first blog on this site, all starting with this project I did turning an old book into my current journal. It was called “New Beginnings” and every time I got started writing it was TERRIBLE. That’s the point at which it’s ok to walk away because it’s just not going to happen – at least not at that moment. So I’ve been sitting on this for a while because I couldn’t get it right. That’s a dumb reason, isn’t it? So I’m just – starting. Worrying about how it all comes out is silly. It didn’t have to be some elaborate account of a project I did. This little bit is enough because all I really ever needed to say was this:

Hi! Welcome to my site! I make art and jewelry and I’m glad you’re here to check it out!

getting started journal book making

 My future journal 🙂